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Can Your Medical Device Design Partner Help You Meet Your Commercialization Timeline?

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team on 02/01/2022

Even just a few months in, the 2022 market appears to emphasize continuity and reliability in both supply and quality output and delivering on your design goals and requirements on time to meet your project timeline. 

Whether your focus is in electrophysiology, neurovascular, structural heart, vascular peripheral intervention or specialized/localized drug delivery, working with a skilled design and development team helps you achieve desired design requirements on schedule and in budget.  

Custom design can be a very lengthy, costly process—tough conditions in the harsh 2021 market. Partnering with the right design manufacturer for your custom-designed medical device helps speed development to commercialization while minimizing inefficiencies along the way and letting you draw on the expertise of dedicated design teams.  

Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) has the materials, expertise, facilities and internal precision extrusion capabilities to partner with you on advanced device design from in-house extrusions, braiding and reflow to creating components for the final device assembly. We have everything needed to design your unique and complex advanced device, all under one roof, and we always design for manufacturability, streamlining the process to help your time-to-market and bottom lines. 

Worried about the current supply chain issues impacting critical components of your device design? LLS Health is a major materials and extrusion supplier, so we have access to the high-quality materials you need—including our proprietary medical TPUs like Pellethane®, Tecoflex and Carbothane™. No matter the material, we’ve got the materials science experts and the materials and capabilities you need. Our experts in R&D, polymers, design and manufacturing have hundreds of years of combined experience and are ready to partner with you to create the perfect advanced device design.  

Don’t just take our word for it; download our eBook to discover how LLS Health can help you meet your design challenges head-on. 

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