Oral Solid Dose

Oral Drug Delivery

Oral drug delivery continues to be the largest market in the pharmaceutical industry. Oral delivery systems are typically cost-effective, easy to manufacture, and convenient for patients. Therefore, to ensure an advantage in the oral drug development market, innovative formulations and processes have become crucial. Formulators are increasingly requiring advanced properties such as more targeted drug delivery, extended release, and reduced tablet sizes for ease of swallowing. Finding ways to improve patient compliance with oral drug delivery is also becoming increasingly important, especially for pediatric and the growing geriatric populations.
LLS Health excipients are present in a number of commercial oral drug formulations and we have been manufacturing high-end pharmaceutical excipients such as Carbopol® polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil for more than 50 years. These oral polymers can be used in multiple dosage forms, including oral solutions, suspensions, and solid dosages. Our polymers help address market needs by:
  • Extended Release – aid in achieving your target drug release rate with controlled release, aiding patients overall with more accurate dosing
  • Improved Patient Compliance – provide taste masking for oral liquid formulations, which is especially important in pediatric formulations, and reduction in oral solid dose tablet size for ease of swallowing
  • Bioavailability Enhancement – Enable certain drugs to be more efficacious upon release in the digestive tract