Solubility Enhancement for Oral and Injectable Formulations

As a continuation of LLS Health’s legacy in developing innovative and reliable excipients, Apinovex and Apisolex polymers are novel excipients that overcome solubility challenges for oral and injectable drug formulations.

Oral Solid Dosa Market

Apinovex™ Polymers

Lubrizol’s Apinovex™ polymers are high molecular weight polyacrylic acid excipients designed to enhance the solubility of BCS Class II and IV APIs and develop more efficient oral dosage forms with high, stable drug loading.

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Apisolex™ Polymer

Lubrizol’s Apisolex™ GMP, injectable-grade excipient is a safe, polyamino acid-based polymer that enhances the solubility of BCS Class II and IV parenteral APIs by up to 50,000-fold.

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Syringe and Vials

Blog: Novel Excipients for Solubility Enhancement

Lubrizol is committed to providing best-in-class excipients and services that address solubility and bioavailability challenges. In this blog post, we discuss formulation tactics for BCS Class II and IV APIs and introduce Lubrizol’s novel solubility-enhancing excipients.

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Webinar: Novel Solubility-Enhancing Excipients for Oral and Injectable Drug Products

This webinar unveils two new polymer technologies from LLS Health for increasing drug solubility: oral-grade Apinovex™ and injectable-grade Apisolex™ polymers. Learn how these polymers enable scalable, reproducible manufacturing of drug products, intellectual property (IP) protection, and lifecycle management with 505(b)(2) filings. 

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