oral solid dose

Oral Solid Dose

LLS Health offers a vast array of solutions for extended release tablets, including pharmaceutical excipients and contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) services. We combine an in-depth understanding of drug delivery systems with a portfolio of specialty materials to deliver application-specific solutions to ease your development process.
We produce multiple grades of high molecular weight, extended release polymer (ER polymer) excipients, including Carbopol® polyacrylic acid polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil. These have been used successfully in commercial formulations for decades and are highly efficient gel-forming and matrix table binders, allowing for controlled drug release tablets, taste masking, and mucoadhesion. Benefits include:
  • Ability to produce multimedia compliant, controlled release oral solid dose formulations in combination with a broad spectrum of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), buffering agents, and/or co-excipients
  • Highly efficient gel matrix formation, used either alone or with other co-excipients, which are effective at low polymer usage levels
  • Effective tablet binding
  • Optimal performance as extended release polymers or controlled release polymers
  • Ability to produce smaller, easier to swallow tablets compared to other polymers like cellulosics
  • Versatile processing options, such as direct compression (Carbopol 71G NF) and wet and dry granulation
  • Excellent mucoadhesion properties and taste masking of bitter drugs
  • Global pharmacopoeial and regulatory compliance
LLS Health controlled release excipients for solid oral drug delivery offer excellent physical properties, such as tablet hardness and low friability, over a wide range of compression forces,  and come in both powder and granular forms. Our excipients are manufactured under GMPs in ISO:9001 certified facilities, have established DMFs, and have been extensively tested for biocompatibility and safety.

Technical Solutions

All LLS Health products and services are supported by a knowledgeable Technical Solutions staff and technical centers around the world dedicated to aiding our clients.

CDMO Services

Our CDMO Division provides a suite of services and novel technologies for oral solid dosage forms, including tablets and capsules. We provide excellence in execution and have the infrastructure and capabilities to explore numerous formats while offering a low-risk pathway to clinic for even the most complex products.