Carbopol® 71G NF Polymer

Suitable applications of Carbopol 71G NF Polymer: Oral
Residual solvent in Carbopol 71G NF Polymer: Ethyl acetate

Carbopol® 71G NF polymer was designed for use in oral solid dose applications. The unique feature of Carbopol 71G NF polymer is its granular physical form. In contrast, all other Carbopol polymers are supplied in the powder form.

Carbopol 71G NF polymer is a free-flowing granular form of Carbopol 971P NF polymer, for use in direct compression forulations. It is manufactured by roller compaction of Carbopol 971P NF polymer and is chemically the same product, with no additives. The resulting granules are free flowable, have increased bulk density, and contain minimal amounts of very small particles that can cause dusting and/or static adherence compared to the powder polymer.

Typical usage levels for achieving extended release characteristics in tablets manufactured by direct compression are 10 - 30 wt.%, depending on the drug properties and co-excipients.

Carbopol 71G NF polymer can be combined with other controlled release excipients to improve the flow properties of the formulation. Additionally, powder and granular grade Carbopol polymers can be combined in a formulation to achieve various release profiles. The release rates can be modulated by incorporating the powder carbomer (Carbopol 971P NF or 974P NF polymers) in the granules and then blending with granular carbomer (Carbopol 71G NF polymer).

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