Carbopol® 971P NF Polymer

Suitable applications of Carbopol 971P NF: Oral and topical 
Residual solvent of Carbopol 971P NF: Ethyl acetate

Carbopol® 971P NF polymer is used in oral and mucosal contact applications such as extended/controlled release tablets, oral liquids and suspension and bioadhesive formulations. It is a lightly crosslinked polymer with long rheology, which will result in flow like honey in a semisolid formulation.

Carbopol 971P NF polymer tends to be more efficient in controlling drug release than Carbopol® 974P NF polymer because it is less crosslinked and provides a three dimensional gel structure which is more resistant to diffusion and erosion. Typical usage levels for achieving extended release characteristics in tablets manufactured by aqueous granulation are 5-10 wt.%, depending on the drug properties, co-excipients and processing parameters

Powder and granular grade Carbopol polymers can be combined in a formulation to achieve various release profiles. The release rates can be modulated by incorporating the powder carbomer (Carbopol 971P NF or 974P NF polymers) in the granules and then blending with granular carbomer (Carbopol 71G NF polymer).

Carbopol 971P NF polymer can be used to formulate low viscosity lotions, gels and liquids with good clarity. Additionally, it can provide emulsion stabilization of lotions.

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