IID-Listed Ingredients for Topical Drug Delivery

Topical formulations can effectively deliver therapeutics to a targeted area, with the added benefits of convenient application and reduced risk of systemic side effects. Due to these advantages, it should come as no surprise that this area of drug delivery is becoming a preferred route of administration. With this popularity growth, however, comes increased demands from consumers. In a crowded market, patients increasingly look for differentiating properties in the products they choose, especially when it comes to sensory attributes and how topicals “feel” on the skin.

Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) offers many ingredients listed on the FDA’s inactive ingredient database (IID) that can help improve the performance of topical pharmaceutical formulations. Lubrizol’s Carbopol® polymers, Noveon® polycarbophil, and Pemulen™ polymers are well known in the industry for use in enhancing topical products. Lubrizol also offer IID-listed emollients, emulsifiers, and humectants which have a long history of use in over-the-counter and prescription drug products. In this brief, LLS Health reviews these ingredients and their performance.

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