A Versatile Excipient for Oral, Topical, and Mucosal Applications

For over six decades, the pharmaceutical industry has utilized multifunctional Carbopol® polymers for developing differentiated drug product innovations. Today, the Carbopol® polymer range continues to provide highly effective controlled-release properties for oral tablets at low usage levels, critical rheological and bioadhesive properties for topical formulations, and patient-centric benefits across multiple dosage forms, among many other advantageous properties. 


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With over half a century of technical expertise and extensive regulatory support, LLS Health is the ideal partner to support innovation from early formulation through commercial launch.

Oral Drug Delivery

Six decades of making oral solid innovation possible

Our polymers help address market needs by:

  • Extended Release – differentiate your formulation with controlled release, which enables accurate, patient-friendly dosing
  • Improved Patient Compliance – provide taste masking for oral liquid formulations, which is especially important in pediatric formulations, and reduction in oral solid dose tablet size for ease of swallowing 

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Excipients for Topical Drug Treatments

Taking topical treatments to next level

Carbopol® polymers provides critical qualities to topical treatments, including:

  • Bioadhesion / Mucoadhesion – optimize drug delivery by prolonging product contact with biological membranes, improve patient compliance via reduced need for frequent drug administration, and protect and lubricate mucosal surfaces
  • Efficient Rheology Modification for gels, creams, lotions, sprays, and eye drops
  • Ideal Aesthetic and Sensory Qualities – increase patient compliance through low-irritation, aesthetically-pleasing formulations with optimal feel 

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