Carbopol® 934P NF Polymer

Suitable applications of Carbopol 934P NF Polymer:  Topical or Oral
Residual solvent in Carbopol 934P NF Polymer:  Benzene
Recommended non-benzene substitute products for Carbopol 934P NF Polymer:Carbopol® 974P NF polymer

Carbopol® 934P NF was designed for the pharmaceutical industry in the 1960's as a high purity grade of Carbopol 934 NF polymer. Some commercially available oral formulations still contain Carbopol 934P NF polymer, but regulatory acceptance of this polymer for new formulations may be limited.

Carbopol 934P NF polymer can be used to formulate gels, emulsions and suspensions.

Lubrizol's benzene polymerized polymers do not meet the European Pharmacopeial "Carbomers" monograph because the residual benzene levels exceed the 2 ppm limit stipulated in the monograph.

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