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Differentiated Product. Enhanced Patient Experience.

In a more patient-centric market, a drug must deliver the required therapeutic benefit while also enhancing the overall patient experience.  In fact, research on patient adherence shows that patients rate convenience and more infrequent dosing above other factors when considering whether to switch medication1.

At Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health), we support our customers in optimizing new dosage forms such as topical gels, oral solutions and drug-eluting implants to make them more convenient for the patient. 

LLS Health - an expert in patient-centric solutions

At LLS Health, we help customers develop products that are more patient- friendly.

Whether you’re working on an OTC or prescription product, we can provide solutions to help differentiate your formulation and enhance the patient experience in a range of areas:

  • Convenient administration
    From smaller pills that are easier to swallow, to liquid oral formulations that can be used without spilling or dripping, drug products that are easier to administer can help patients adhere to their treatment regimen.
  • Improved feel and flavor 
    Formulations that have a better taste or are designed for optimal flow can provide a more pleasant experience that will help ensure patients are happy to take their medication.
  • Reduced dosage frequency
    Formulating treatments to be extended release allows patients to take medication less frequently, making a treatment regime easier and more convenient to follow.  

To learn more about how today’s patients are driving the conversation around patient experience in pharma, download our infographic or read our recent blog post.

How does the choice of excipients impact patient centricity? 

We recognize that it is important to prioritize the patient experience in order to stand out from the crowd. A key step toward creating differentiated medications is strategically choosing an excipient that imparts critical patient-centric properties to the drug product.

Lubrizol’s multi-functional excipients are some of the highest quality on the market and offer superior performance that can enhance a formulation and improve patient experience. Our range of excipients can be used to develop more patient-centric formulations for:

  • Oral Solids
  • Oral Liquids 
  • Topicals
  • Implantable Devices
  • Consumer Products for Oral Care

To learn more about how our excipients can support pharmaceutical companies in developing more patient-centric drug products across a range of dosage forms and applications, visit our pharmaceutical excipient page




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