Tackling bioavailability challenges

Are you looking for an expert bioavailability partner for your drug development project?

Is your molecule bioavailability-challenged and in need of specialist expertise?

Is your drug product a non-traditional, complex dosage form?

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Discover an experienced and responsive partner that is willing to take on the complex bioavailability projects that others won't.

Poor water solubility and low bioavailability are two of the most common challenges in drug product development today. In fact, poorly soluble compounds represent 40% of the top 200 oral drugs marketed in the US, 33% of drugs listed in the US Pharmacopeia, 75% of compounds under development and 90% of new chemical entities1, which can potentially lead to poor bioavailability. 

With this in mind, it is important to choose a partner that has the knowledge and expertise to address these challenges from a number of different angles.  Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) is a leader in drug product formulation and development, having supported hundreds of small and large molecule development programs. 

We have helped customers overcome these issues to successfully bring their products to market. We offer unique and tailored bioavailability enhancement methodologies to address solubility and permeability issues. 

We also have experience supporting customers in creating new dosage forms to tackle first-pass metabolism challenges. Our unique array of excipients can allow the creation of mucoadhesive topical dosage forms, as well as parenteral dosage forms, to offer effective localized or systemic delivery. 

Our bioavailability offering

We offer a wide range of solutions designed to effectively enhance the bioavailability of insoluble and difficult-to-develop APIs. With our expertise, equipment and proprietary technology, we can support you with even your most challenging projects. 

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