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Posted by Paola Pérez on 08/03/2023

For brands to remain competitive, they must innovate and create products that consumers can’t live without. Brands rely on data and consumer insights to get ahead of the next big trend in beauty, along with industry experts who bring a wider view of how society and the beauty market is changing.

Data is flowing in all directions; social media conversations, shifting market conditions, technology and  changes in consumer demographics create an endless stream of information and insights, but how can brands keep up with the influx? More importantly, how can they act on it?

Foresee Lab™ within Lubrizol Life Science Beauty can seamlessly connect the dots. It helps spot business opportunities and develop innovative products by analyzing the competitive landscape, consumer insights and future trends while connecting it all to the latest science. The Foresee Lab™ methodology combines spotting online trends, tracking social media conversations, identifying what experts and opinion leaders communicate  and applying future thinking techniques to envision new trends and potential future scenarios. Together, this delivers a bespoke analysis of the competitive landscape, so brands can leverage key market data and focus strategically on opportunities.

The Lubrizol Life Science Beauty team is always looking for innovative beauty solutions that are relevant to our brand partners and help people live a more beautiful life. The result is forward-thinking beauty solutions that combine trends, insights, skin-science expertise and a pipeline of ideas to inspire product development teams. We’re ready for what’s next. Are you?

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