Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Extrusion Capabilities

Striping and Multilayer Coextrusion


PTCA, PTA, Stenting, Guiding Catheters, Dialysis and Other Medical Device Applications

Lubrizol Life Science Health’s (LLS Health) precision extrusion solutions offers innovative thermoplastics and silicone coextrusions for the medical device industry.

Critical Component for PCI, PTA and Guiding Catheters

LLS Health’s coextrusion tubing enables highly precise designs for shafts used in many applications, including those requiring different materials for the inner and outer diameters. In addition, coextrusion can add radiopaque stripes for viewing under a fluoroscope or a colored stripe for catheter orientation.

Multilayered or Striped Coextrusion 

LLS Health manufactures coextrusion tubing with multiple layers, colored and radiopaque stripes. Our engineers use materials that are chemically compatible to prevent the tubing from delaminating. When coextruded tubing requires incompatible inner and outer layers, a third layer compatible with both is used to tie the layers together.

Tooling, Materials, Process and Quality Control

LLS Health uses the latest technology and expertise to produce precision coextruded tubing in both multilayer and stripe configurations. Both the die design and the extrusion process are critical to manufacturing precision coextrusion tubing. Each material in the tube requires a separate extruder that connects to the coextrusion die. Process control and tooling design ensure highly precise coextruded tubing.

Striping, Dual-Layer and Tri-layer Coextrusions

LLS Health’s capabilities include coextrusion tubing in striped, dual-layer and tri-layer configurations. Our skilled personnel have extensive experience producing high-precision coextrusions. Our expertise includes:

  • Striping with radiopaque and / or color
  • Inner surface, outer surface or embedded striping
  • Dual-layer and tri-layer
  • Layer thickness as thin as 0.0003" (0.0076 mm)
  • Bump coextrusions and transition coextrusions
  • Multi-lumen and profile coextrusions
  • Paratubing