Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Extrusion Capabilities

Custom Precision Extrusion


Coronary, Peripheral and Neurovascular, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Neurostimulation, Electrophysiology, Endoscopy, Dialysis, Vascular Access, Urology, Ob/Gyn, Wound Closure, Wound Drainage, Diagnostic and other Medical Device Applications

LLS Health's expertise in the manufacture of complex configurations and tight tolerance thermoplastic and silicone extrusion results in quicker time to market and the development of cutting-edge medical devices.

Quality Minimally Invasive Catheter & Extrusion Based Medical Devices

Precision extrusion is a critical component for all catheter based products, whether it is for a minimally invasive, vascular or electro-stimulation application. LLS Health’s custom extrusion services and experienced technical team support engineers and designers in meeting their product's exact requirements.

Custom Extrusions in a Multitude of Designs

LLS Health specializes in the full range of thermoplastics and silicone materials. Our team will assist engineers in selecting the optimal material and geometry to meet the functional, mechanical and biocompatible requirements of the therapy.

Integrating Materials, Tooling, Process and Quality Control

LLS Health offers an integrated approach to technology and continuous improvement. Our engineering team constantly evaluates new materials, tooling and technologies to further enhance our capabilities. All of our processes conform to strict ISO 13485 guidelines.

Experience, Expertise and Customer Service

LLS Health delivers quick and accurate responses to all requests. Our extrusion capabilities include:

  • OD sizes from 0.005"–1.5" (0.13 mm–38 mm) depending on raw material
  • Tolerances as low as ±0.00025" (0.0063 mm), depending on raw material
  • Single-lumen, multilumen and beading (solid rod)
  • Striped and multilayered coextrusions
  • Bump tubing and transition tubing (also called tapered)
  • Wire coating and over-extrusion
  • Irradiated heat shrink and balloon tubing
  • Kink-resistant tubing
  • Braid and coil reinforced tubing
  • Rapid extrusion services