Rapid Catheter Prototyping

Fully Functional, Visually Attractive Catheter Prototypes in as Little as Five Business Days

Time can be a significant competitive advantage when it comes to prototyping. If you’re looking for a way to get your device to market faster, Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) offers rapid silicone catheter prototyping in as little as five working days. Our rapid catheter prototyping supports early development projects with a small quantity (5-10) of fully functional and visually attractive catheters to be used for clinical demonstrations and to gain customer feedback. Our design, engineering and production assembly experts bring decades of industry experience to help turn even your most basic concepts into functional prototypes.

With LLS Health, you get a partner with:

  • Capabilities to offer the full catheter platform: tubing, overmolding/connections, balloons, tips/tipless, printing and testing.
  • Relationships with all the large medical OEMs.
  • All the necessary resources, under one roof, circumventing many supply chain woes and issues related to outsourcing to other vendors.

Catheter Prototyping Success Story: How LLS Health Met Customer’s Need for Speed

A customer recently approached the LLS Health facility in Franklin, Wisconsin, about a custom prototype for a silicone drainage catheter with a retention balloon as an alternative to a traditional Foley catheter. The customer wanted to prove clinical efficacy on an animal study and to determine tip effectiveness. The rapid prototypes featured a two-lumen extrusion, a molded bifurcation with a funnel for drainage and an inflation port for the balloon, a purchased check-valve and an extruded balloon for retention. Half the samples had a curled tip to expand in the bladder and the other half a tip that would flex in the bladder. LLS Health delivered all this to the customer in five business days.