Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Tooling

Tooling and Fixture Design

When manufacturing any device, precision is critical to success, 1/1000 of an inch can be the difference between that success and failure. High-quality toolmaking is the first step in controlling that difference. A well-made tool results in a higher quality component, produces less waste and lowers costs. That’s why Lubrizol Life Science Health engineers work with you at the inception of your project to ensure that your mold or pin-and-die set is precise and long-lasting.

Aligning Materials and Tools

For the best quality end product, it’s critical that the tool is manufactured to optimize the flow of raw material. Take mold flow rate as an example. Since the various types of silicone flow through injection molding hot runner systems at vastly different rates, LLS Health engineers can recommend appropriate tool specifications to accommodate the type of silicone the application requires. Likewise, our team helps ensure that the pin-and-die set is designed for the type of thermoplastic or silicone you've specified. Designing the tool so that it works optimally with the specified material creates better products.

Extending Your Tool’s Lifecycle

In high-volume or long-run component manufacturing, premature tool wear can be costly. Our engineers will recommend the optimal materials to ensure both tool performance and longevity.

Assembly Fixtures

In addition to injection molding tools and pin-and-die sets, LLS Health’s extensive in-house engineering experience enables the proprietary development of unique fixtures to support your cutting, curing, bonding and punching needs. Our capabilities provide you with cost-effective assembly solutions in the same facility where your products are being manufactured.

Tool Validation

LLS Health’s tools undergo rigorous validation process to ensure that the end product will meet the desired specifications.