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Global Market Manager, Lubrizol Life Science (LLS)  - Beauty, Skin Cleansing

Becky has spent most of her beauty career in technical, recently moving into a marketing role. She finds the science behind beauty products fascinating and looks for creative ways to market new innovations. Becky’s favorite way to learn about new beauty products and trends is to roam around stores reading labels, sampling products, and talking to other consumers.

Fun fact: When Becky isn’t working, she’s spending her time making memories with her husband and four children. Her favorite holiday is Halloween! 

Posted by Rebekah Smith | 02/01/2021

Hand sanitizers are likely to remain a big part of our hygiene routines even after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

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Posted by Rebekah Smith | 01/05/2021

Increased use of hand sanitizer and cold, dry weather pose a double danger of dry, cracked skin this winter.

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Posted by Rebekah Smith | 11/03/2020

Hand sanitizer is an effective defense against viruses and other microorganisms, but only if it’s used correctly. 

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Posted by Rebekah Smith | 10/09/2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers quickly learned the most important ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol, specifically the 60%-80% alcohol content necessary to kill viruses.

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Posted by Rebekah Smith | 09/24/2020

As consumers demand personal care and beauty products with little or no sulfates, manufacturers are turning to sulfate-free formulas.

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Posted by Rebekah Smith | 08/20/2020

There’s something comforting – and a little surprising – that simple soap is one of our most effective weapons against the coronavirus.

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