Botanicals Make Hand Sanitizer More Beneficial, Appealing

Posted by Rebekah Smith on 02/01/2021

Hand sanitizers are likely to remain a big part of our hygiene routines even after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

People are simply too aware of how easily viruses and bacteria can spread to revert to their casual pre-COVID ways. And, as with any product that becomes a staple, users will demand better and more beneficial types of hand sanitizers.

So how to make a sanitizer stand out in a sea of similar products all claiming the same antimicrobial properties?

Botanicals set sanitizers apart, not only in packaging and on the shelves, but in the ability to claim beneficial properties that mitigate the drying effect of alcohol. The addition of botanicals also helps customers think of sanitizers as a self-care regimen rather than simply preventive hygiene.

Our Actiphyte™ botanical extracts will have consumers wanting to use hand sanitizers rather than just having to use them.

Actiphyte Ginger Root GL80NP botanical extract – Ginger root is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that relieve and regenerate skin.

Actiphyte™ Blue Agave GL80NP botanical extract – Blue agave is an antimicrobial that has been shown to have moisturizing properties which could counter the drying effect of alcohol.

Actiphyte™ Calendula GL80NP botanical extract – Calendula is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help regenerate skin.

Activera™ aloe ingredients help prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated, which could prevent damage caused by heavy use of hand sanitizers. It’s available in varying levels, from Activera™ 104 PF to Activera™ 1-1PA, which has been validated in sanitizers up to 2.0%.

Lubrizol LLS Beauty also formulates with humectants, emollients and specialty silicones that will help your brand deliver what consumers are looking for and differentiate you in the market. Let us show you how we can formulate a hand sanitizer your customers will enjoy using.

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