WOW MOM – A Beauty Kit for the Busy Mom

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 09/12/2018

Motherhood can adjust a woman’s expectations of indulgence and self-care. An occasional day at the spa and regular beauty treatments are traded in for five minutes in the bathroom with a toddler outside the door.

Working mothers must balance careers, families and personal lives. They still want to look good, but no longer have the time for lengthy, complicated skin care regimens. These expert multi-taskers need a beauty survival kit that delivers results with a minimum of time and fuss.

WOW MOM from Lubrizol Skin Essentials is the answer. It includes four skin care products that make it easy for active mothers to treat themselves and their skin simply and easily. Each product in WOW MOM offers a surprising texture, evocative visuals and proven ingredients:

Applied during or after the shower, Rinse off Moisturizing Radiant Facial Serum helps mothers appear rested even if they were up half the night with a sick child. Ingredients:

The facial serum is followed by Super Protective Face Mousse SPF 10 for extra care and protection against anything the day delivers. Ingredients:

WOW MOM offers overnight care as well with Reviving Evening Facial Gel-Cream to replenish skin after a long day. Ingredients:

Mothers sometimes have to sacrifice gym time, as well. Luckily, Cold Firming Body Night Cream helps them maintain a toned figure. Ingredients:

Nothing will replace a day at the spa, but the WOW MOM kit is a practical and beautiful solution for busy working mothers.

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