Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Molding Capabilities

Medical Injection Molding

Silicone Device Applications

All medical device components with design requirements for silicone medical applications, including balloons, sensors, manifolds, strain reliefs and many other applications. Built on nearly five decades of medical-grade silicone injection molding experience, Lubrizol Life Science Health’s (LLS Health) medical molding solutions optimize the performance of your product and ensure compliance with all of your requirements.

Critical Design Components from Silicone Molding Operations

LLS Health offers medical device design assistance, tooling and experienced operators to support optimal design performance and clinical outcomes.

Medical Injection Molding in Any Design

LLS Health’s experienced engineering team will work with you to design the most effective tooling required to achieve your desired outcomes.

Exceptional Tooling, Robotics, Presses and Infrastructure

LLS Health designs and operates state-of-the-art tooling built to accommodate some of the industry’s most complex geometries. With a combination of proprietary and industry-leading presses, as well as high-volume robotics in state-of-the-art facilities, LLS Health determines the most appropriate manufacturing option for your medical device and ensures compliance with your production capability requirements.

Tight-Tolerance, Custom Silicone Injection Molding

To many industry experts, LLS Health is liquid silicone molding. We specialize in a variety of molding process techniques to develop and deliver the highest-quality product possible. We ensure:

  • Safe and effective mold storage
  • Compliance with mold maintenance programs
  • Mold life tracking for shot history and yield measurement
  • Prototype molding for rapid product development services
  • Dedicated equipment to support your research and development needs
  • Flash tolerances as low as 0.002", as well as flashless molding solutions
  • Proprietary washing operations to ensure product cleanliness
  • Innovative fixture and process development
  • Experienced process engineering oversight for all molding operations