Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Molding Capabilities

Silicone Medical Device Balloon Molding

Lubrizol Life Science Health’s (LLS Health) medical molding solutions optimize the clinical outcome of your devices designed with LLS silicone molded balloons. You will find our balloons in a variety of applications such as feeding, endotracheal and vascular devices. 

Applying Extensive Knowledge to Every Product

LLS Health’s experienced engineering team will work with you to design the most effective tooling required to achieve your desired outcome. Our team understands how to evaluate your balloon application and to determine if the best manufacturing option is achieved by molding, extruding or dip casting your medical device balloon. In any case, our material knowledge, medical device manufacturing experience and assembly services make LLS Health an industry leader in silicone balloon manufacturing.

Exceptional Tooling, Robotics, Presses and Infrastructure

Working in a clean room molding environment, LLS Health designs and operates state-of-the-art tooling built to accommodate some of the industry’s most complex balloon geometries. With a combination of proprietary and industry-leading presses, as well as high-volume robotics, LLS Health determines the most appropriate medical molding option for your medical device and ensures compliance with your production capability requirements.

Tight-Tolerance, Compliant Medical Balloon Molding

To many industry experts, LLS Health is silicone balloon molding. We specialize in a variety of molding process techniques to develop and deliver the highest-quality product possible. We ensure:

  • Precision balloon wall designs
  • Cosmetic and functional inspection to ensure compliance
  • Safe and effective mold storage
  • Compliance with mold maintenance programs
  • Unique design options for maximum clinical performance
  • Experience with the full range of silicones