Transportation Solutions

Specialty Materials for Advanced Transportation Applications

Our thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) can benefit almost every type of vehicle, providing safety, comfort, aesthetics, durability and environmental benefits. Whether you are molding or extruding clear and/or light colors, our Aliphatic TPU offers a host of benefits that assure the finish of your product is clean and beautiful for years to come. For exterior aesthetics, our self-healing polymers are durable and are easier to handle during processing, ensuring higher flow control and consistency over competitive alternatives. From soft touch applications in vehicle interiors to more rugged and vital components such as panels and cables, we add value to automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace and locomotive manufacturers and end-users worldwide.


  • Automotive
    • Interiors: Durable, color stable, low VOC, and renewable, bio-based* materials for gear knobs, door handles, tambour door consoles, shutter pads, instrument panel skin on dashboards, vegan synthetic leather in seating,  foam in door panels, cup holders and soft-touch applications that require excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, and a comfortable, supple feel.
    • Exteriors: Aesthetic clarity, self-healing properties and outstanding weatherability for Paint Protection Film (PPF) for surface protection and graphic films for commercial vehicles.
    • Engine Compartments: Excellent resistance to chemicals and oils for wire and cable jacketing around the engine and transmission, fuel bowls, seals and gaskets, and sealing applications where chemical resistance is critical.
    • Electric Vehicles (EV): Durability, recyclability**, high flexibility and abrasion resistance for charging cables.        
  • Aerospace
    • Durability and abrasion resistance for baggage and storage conveyors.
  • Locomotive
    • Absorption properties for shock pads and chemical resistance for sealing applications.

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Transportation

We offer a broad portfolio of high-performing polymer technologies for vehicle designers to choose from:

Foam TPU technology for superior cushioning and long-term durability:

Bio TPU™ by Lubrizol offers bio-based*, renewable materials for molding and overmolding applications:

Solutions for hot melts adhesives (HMAs) and reactive hot melts (HMPUR):

Solutions for film construction in seating and for PVC compounds in artificial leather:

For more than 90 years, The Lubrizol Corporation has been providing automotive OEMs and tier suppliers with reliability and efficiency in an array of valuable solutions from lubricant and fuel additives to seats, door panels and more. Learn how Lubrizol is Perfecting the Science of Performance in the automotive industry.

*Bio-based content as certified in accordance with ASTMD D-6866
**Recyclability is based on access to a readily available standard recycling program that supports such materials. Products may not be available in all areas.