Age Defense Eco-friendly Sun Lotion SPF50+ For Face

Sun Care


Protecting your skin and helping the environment is now possible. This EcoScore A2 reef-friendly1 fluid sunscreen has good ecological profile providing high SPF protection. Act consciously and enjoy the beauty of nature! Kelco-Care™ diutan gum, a naturally derived thickener with a consumer-friendly INCI name, offers thickening and stabilization, with a light touch and slip for an ease of application. Schercemol™ DIS ester, naturally derived, enhances organic UV filters solubilization and provides rapid absorbency. Glucate™ SS emulsifier, naturally derived, offers robust emulsion stabilization while providing mildness. Including 100% natural active ingredients: Xpozuki™ biotech ingredient LA offers protection, defense, and repair effects from the exposome-induced damage, while Lumicease™ blue ingredient protects the skin from solar and artificial blue light-induced damage. For age-defying properties, Stevisse™ advanced botanical ingredient, retinoid-like alternative, helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and homogenize the skin tone in a gentler way.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Opaque

Form: Emulsion