Schercemol™ DIS ester

Cleansing Hair-Care Skin-Care
China Compliant -Formerly CFDA

Light ester to help reduce the greasiness in oil-based products

Schercemol™ DIS ester helps to reduce the greasiness associated with mineral oil or petrolatum and is often used in oil-based products for that purpose. It exhibits rapid absorbency and fast spreading. Schercemol DIS ester demonstrates excellent compatibility in hydro-alcoholic cosmetic formulations, and is commonly used in electric pre-shave and after-shave lotions. Additional applications include men's grooming aids and hand lotions.

Function: <a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Emollient'>Emollient</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Sensory Modifier'>Sensory Modifier</a>

INCI Name: <div class="ExternalClass39BB9CBE281C42DE9AEE17CF34CF77E4">Diisopropyl Sebacate</div>

Recommended Use level: ​Recommended use level is 1 to 15 wt% as supplied