Gentle Indulgence Algae Fusion Sulfate-free Shampoo

Hair Care


Perfect for individuals who are seeking more than a gentle hair cleansing. They desire additional caring benefits without compromising affordability. It is formulated with Carbopol® Fusion S-20 polymer, an inherently biodegradable rheology modifier that provides thickening for sulfate-free formulas and smooth rheology. It also contains AlgaPūr™ HSHO algae oil, an award-winning biotech oil that helps in fiber protection and repair, controls frizz, and nourishes the scalp. Sensomer™ CI-50 polymer, a naturally derived conditioning agent enhances hair detangling and combing performance. Glucamate™ LT thickener acts as a co-thickener and enhances the mildness of the formulation. Schercodine™ S amido-amine, a naturally derived cationic surfactant provides excellent wet detangling and slip. Chemccinate™ DSLS-BA surfactant is a naturally derived anionic surfactant that provides effective yet mild, cleansing and gentle foaming. Chembetaine™ CAD surfactant is a mild surfactant that enhances foam texture and volume. Actiphyte™ Turmeric and Actiphyte™ Ashwagandha, botanical extracts, which literature cites that their phenolic compounds, terpenoids, curcuminoids and flavonoids, may enhance the antioxidant response.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Translucent

Form: Liquid

Free-From: Sulfate-free