Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Serum

Hair Care


This silicone-free formulation blends a sunflower seed oil base and coconut oil with Lubrizol SCHERCEMOL™ CATC and SCHERCEMOL™ DISD esters to provide a clear and cushiony texture while repairing and nourishing the hair. OILKEMIA™ 5S polymer turns the oils into a clear smooth gel while GLUCATE™ DO emulsifier helps reduce syneresis. HYDRAMOL™ PGPD ester facilitates water spreading and product rinsing. ACTIPHYTE™ Banana lipo S botanical extract may help nourish and repair damaged tips for soft and strong hair.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Clear

Form: Gel, Serum, Anhydrous

Free-From: Silicone-free