Caring Makeup Remover Gel

Facial Care


Nongreasy & luxurious caring oil base with powerful makeup removing efficacy, fantastic oil gel texture with more consideration for consumer experience enhancement. It is suitable for all skin types, ideal for heavy makeup and eyes/lips area. Oilkemia™ 5S CC polymer highly efficient and versatile rheology modifier for oil systems help achieve joyful attractiveness enable beads & petal etc. suspension, meanwhile easier to handle with no dropping. Schercemol™ DIS / NGDO / DIA / CATC CN esters’ joint performance enhances robust makeup removing efficacy by one step perfection. Containing beneficial Omega-9 (oleic acid) by AlgaPūr™ HSHO algae oil for nourishing & healthier skin. Lipochroman™ molecule provides antioxidant shelter and promotes complete detox.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Clear, Suspended particles

Form: Gel, Liquid