Soft-feathering skin barrier repair protection serum

Facial Care


This formulation is an oil-based skin barrier repair serum. This non-greasy and well absorbing serum leaves skin with a smooth and soft skin feel. Schercemol™ DIS ester is a quick spreading light ester leaving fast absorbency and soft-feathering touch. AlgaPūr™ HSHO algae oil, a triglyceride oil containing over 90% of beneficial Omega-9 oleic acid, moisturizes the skin. Oilkemia™ 5S CC polymer is an oil soluble rheology modifier that provides excellent thickening efficiency, clarity, together with a pleasant non-tacky feeling, avoid dripping. Lipochroman™ molecule can promote the skin detoxification process for anti-aging and skin tone improvements.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Translucent to milky

Form: Liquid, Serum