Forever YOU Face Cream

Facial Care


Be free, be You, Forever with this rejuvenating algae face cream! Indulge yourself in cushiony goodness and unveil your face rejuvenated. Feel your expressions and forget your first wrinkles! This anti-ageing cream formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients provides an instant caring effect to pamper the skin with a velvet after skin feel. Carbopol® Ultrez 30 polymer offers efficient thickening, robust stabilization with minimal amounts of emulsifier, and provides an initial cushiony and creamy sensory. Kelco-Care™ diutan gum, a naturally derived thickener with a consumer-friendly INCI name, adds slip for an ease of application. AlgaPūr™ HSHO algae oil is a non-comedogenic bio-tech and bio-active oil made from the magic power of microalgae to transform sugar into a 100% natural triglyceride, through a sustainable fermentation process with low environmental footprint. Together with Schercemol™ DISD ester, derived from Essential Fatty (Linoleic) Acid, it helps to provide multiple skin benefits, such as moisturizing, photodamage repair properties, and anti-ageing. Help your skin look 5 years younger in only 5 days with Argireline® Amplified peptide, a multifunctional and naturally derived peptide able to improve and relax the appearance of expression wrinkles and to address the age-related changes in all the skin layers for a forever young look.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Opaque

Form: Cream, Emulsion