Mild and Sulfate-Free Cleansers: Creating Unique Aesthetics

Posted by Jessica Becker on 08/16/2023

Global studies cited in a recent VeryWell Health article estimate that 50% to 61% of women and 30% to 44% of men worldwide have experienced sensitive skin. At the same time, consumers don’t want their skin sensitivity to keep them from an enjoyable cleansing experience that product texture and thickness provide.

With this beauty consumer in mind, our team has launched a novel rheology modifier solution for mild and sulfate-free cleansing formulations to provide formulators with a new option for creating unique aesthetics. Carbopol® SC-800 polymer is designed to thicken and stabilize challenging-to-thicken formulations and is ideal for shower gels, shampoos and facial cleansers.

It has the best thickening efficiency, clarity and suspension properties, with studies comparing it to other hydrophobically-modified polymers. This allows formulators the versatility to create unique aesthetics in their skin cleansing formulations, including suspending natural beads, scrubs and other cleansing elements with ease and confidence.

Foam generation studies also show that the polymer doesn’t negatively impact foam quality, both in the foam volume generated and its foam morphology. As a result, formulations have the lather quality beauty consumers look for in rinse-off beauty solutions.

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