Lubrizol´s Commitment to Inclusion Diversity and Equity

Posted by Mathilde Allegre on 06/27/2023

At Lubrizol, we treat every employee with dignity and respect, and we embrace IDE to help establish a culture to pave a path to our long-term success. Our goal is to ensure a truly inclusive environment where talented people can bring their absolute best and different experiences, perspectives and ideas which are not only welcomed, but celebrated.

In 2021, Lubrizol reinforced its commitments to IDE with several important developments. Chiefly, we established the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Action) program as an organizational pillar to guide our efforts pertaining to this important work.

To ensure its advancement within Lubrizol, the IDEA program is:

1. Owned by the organization

2. Measured to track success

3. Embedded into systems and processes

Being “owned by the organization” means that accountability for creating a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity extends throughout Lubrizol to include the many teams who contribute to our growth and success. These members include:

  • The IDEA Council: Senior leaders who are responsible for driving progress toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Inclusion Advocates: IDEA champions who have been chosen to become advocates and allies to enable critical discussions and coach others on IDE issues at a local level.
  • Employee Resource Groups: Employee-driven organizations that raise awareness, increase connectedness, provide diverse insights and encourage all employees to get involved in the IDEA program.

Embedding IDE into our systems and processes is a fundamental organizational priority, and we track our progress over time to measure our improvements. Each employee plays an important role in ensuring an inclusive and engaging culture, and we regularly communicate with our workforce regarding initiatives and opportunities to get involved.

To learn more, visit here: Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity- Lubrizol

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