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Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. on 09/09/2021
Lubrizol Life Science has investigated the skin benefits and mental well-being effects of yoga, finding that the improvement in skin glow and radiance after a single yoga class originates, in part, from improved skin oxygenation.

Now, with our Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient, consumers can get the look of “yoga skin” any time of the day. 

A botanical extract from the seeds of Ligustrum lucidum, Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient is sustainably sourced from the high-altitude mountains of China and extracted through eco-friendly Phenobio™ subcritical water technology. It mimics the Tibetan genetic adaptation to high-altitude, low-oxygen conditions, resulting in increased oxygen supply to the skin. 

With age, the skin’s microcirculation weakens, leading to impaired oxygenation. These changes can lead to a dull and unhealthy skin appearance. Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient combats these signs of aging to improve skin oxygen levels, similar to how yoga increases oxygenation to our skin, creating a healthier-looking complexion.

In vivo study results showed increased skin oxygen levels in a similar way to yoga; more glowing and radiant skin after 28 days; and reduced crow’s feet and skin roughness by up to 68% and 32%, respectively. The clinical study also found improved feelings of happiness similar to a yoga session, and overall healthier-looking complexion for a “yoga skin” look.

To learn more about Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient, visit Lubrizol.com/beauty.
Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D.

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