Caps2go™ capsules Offer 5 Formulas in Post-Pandemic Delivery System

Posted by Paola Pérez on 03/08/2021

Lubrizol Life Science-Beauty introduces Caps2go™, a skin care serum available in five ready-to-go formulas and packaged in single-use capsules that will appeal to consumers interested in hygiene in a post-COVID world.

Each Caps2go™ capsule is a single application that dispenses the perfect amount of product and can then be discarded, minimizing consumer contact with packaging. The serum is soft and light and fast spreading and each formula has been tested for stability.

The capsule shell, which is biodegradable and derived from carrageenan, protects the active ingredients and guarantees freshness. These are the five formulas, each designed with the perfect concentration and combination of actives to deliver a specific benefit:

Caps2go™ Renew

An antioxidant shelter to promote detox and give skin a perfect glow. Contains active ingredient Lipochroman® molecule, which acts as an antioxidant for in and out detox and improves skin appearance. In use testing in final formulation showed improved skin appearance in as quickly as 15 minutes. Also contains Vitamin C and Retinol S10.

Caps2go™ Lifting

Fights expression wrinkles and is a safer topical alternative to Botulinum toxin. Contains the active ingredient Argireline® peptide which decreased wrinkle volume and length after one week (volume diminished by 20.6%; length diminished by 15.9%).

Caps2go™ Look

For an improved eye appearance. Active ingredients Argireline® peptide and Eyeseryl® peptide decrease the appearance of dark circles and improve the under-eye region after just one week. In vivo testing after one week showed up to 55% reduction on visibility of wrinkles and up to 10% improvement in darkness under eyes. A safer topical alternative to Botulinum toxin.

Caps2go™ Bright

For a more radiant and even complexion. Contains the active ingredient Lipochroman® molecule, which acts as an antioxidant for in and out detox and improves skin appearance in 14 days. It also contains Brightlette™ marine ingredient, which diminishes the size and color of dark spots, diminishing the pigment by 61.1% after eight weeks.

Caps2go™ Firming

Lifts and reshapes mature skin. Contains the active ingredient Uplevity™ peptide, which lifts and reshapes the face contour while restructuring the dermis to look nine years younger. Antarcticine™ marine ingredient supports a firm and youthful complexion, showing a 44% average decline in the depth of wrinkles after four weeks.

These products are resonating well among consumers. According to our sentiment analysis research, online product consumer reviews showed 90% of positive quotes, with 100% of positive quotes for the benefit “ease of use” and 91% for “perceived results.”

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