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Posted by Danielle Grossman on 06/11/2019

We all love the luxury of a salon service, but sometimes the convenience of an at-home beauty treatment is ideal. Increasingly, brands are offering consumers a wide range of options to help them either extend the time between salon visits or complete their entire routine at home, personalizing their beauty experience.

Two of the oldest types of beauty services available to do at home are manicures and hair color. Since 1932 nail polish has been commercially produced, and in 1947 the first home hair color was introduced. Today, brands offer all types of at-home manicure options, from nail polishes to nail stickers and other nail adornments, while adding highlights, touching up roots and adding bold streaks of temporary color also can be done at home.

Now the next evolution in salon-at-home care is here.

We recently introduced Fixate™ Renew, the industry’s best-performing hair smoothing product with a nonformaldehyde, glyoxylic acid-free, thermally activated technology that elongates curls and controls frizz for up to 10 days. It makes blow drying, flat ironing and styling easier and quicker. 

The process takes just a few quick steps:

1. Apply product evenly to hair

2. Let product soak on hair for at least 30 minutes

3. Blow dry hair completely

4. Flat iron hair in thin 1/2-inch sections for six to10 passes. Temperature of flat iron should be set between 390F and 430F.

It’s that simple.

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