Anti-Pollution...the New Trend in Beauty

Posted by Danielle Grossman on 06/06/2019

Because dry, dehydrated skin and hair is not a good look...

With the growth of big cities brings new stresses around pollution. Today, 80% of urban inhabitants are inhaling polluted air. With plenty of research proving that toxic air can cause premature skin aging and dehydration of hair follicles, there is increased worry around the best protection and prevention. This has led to an increased consumer interest in anti-pollutant products that prevent skin allergies, hair loss, acne, premature aging and hyper-pigmentation.

Today, anti-pollution claims can only be found on 1% of beauty products, but 37% of consumers are interested in buying products that contain anti-pollution ingredients. Leaving great opportunity for new, anti-pollution products. Discover the three benefits behind the market’s latest anti-pollution products. 

Proper cleansing and detoxing skin and hair is a must. From deep-cleansing facial washes and shampoos that sweep away every toxic particle, to serums filled with vitamin-boosting benefits, there are plenty of methods to remove pollutants.

Recover hydration and restore elasticity with vitamins and proteins fit to soften skin, nourish the scalp and restore hair strands.

Shield skin and hair from the effects of smoke, smog and blue lights (yes, that means your phone screen) with products designed to prevent and protect healthy strands and complexions. 

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