Micellar Water Shampoo

Goodbye Clarifying Shampoo... Hello Micellar

Posted by Danielle Grossman on 04/18/2019

Originated in French skincare products, micellar water has gained momentum across the globe. Proving its effectiveness as a gentle, cleansing alternative to harsher alcohol-based facial cleansers, micellar technology is now shifting to everyday shampoos.

A micelle is a ball-shaped cluster of a multiple surfactant molecules, featuring hydrophilic heads around the outside and hydrophobic tails pointing inwards in the middle. The hydrophobic tails attract and remove unwanted dirt and oils off an applied substrate. This gentle removal of impurities is proven to provide protection, decrease product build-up and leave hair more manageable.

Don’t believe us? Discover the top three reasons brands are using the technology to develop must-have micellar shampoos for consumers.

It Can Be Used On The Daily
Micellar water shampoos remove dirt and oils from hair, all while preserving natural oils and hair volume. Making this an excellent option for those with active lifestyles that require a daily wash.

Benefits Colored or Damaged Hair  
Keep color vibrant and damaged strands protected. Micellar water shampoos gently cleanse, repair and protect hair long after it’s rinsed out.

Every Wash Is Simple & Safe
Let’s admit it, sulfates can be a bit harsh. Lubrizol is proud to offer sulfate-free surfactants that allow micellar water shampoos to gently cleanse and prevent scalp irritation.

To learn more about micellar water shampoos and the benefits they can provide, contact a Lubrizol representative for a sample of our micellar formulation.

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