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Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 02/27/2019

Sulfated surfactants were used as the foundation of every shampoo and skin cleanser for decades but are now being left behind by consumers who want a gentler solution.

Sulfates, prized for their excellent foaming properties and detergency, have been the most commonly used primary surfactant for creating the rich lather consumers love. However, some sulfated surfactants are eye and skin irritants, which can strip skin and hair of their natural oils and accelerate color fading of dyed hair.

And while consumers are ready to make the move toward milder, sulfate-free products, most are unwilling to sacrifice the foam performance, skin feel and flow aesthetics of their traditional shampoos and cleansers.

That’s where Lubrizol Personal Care comes in. With a range of naturally derived, non-sulfated surfactants, rheology modifiers and conditioning polymers, Lubrizol provides a full set of solutions for sulfate-free formulating challenges. This means consumers can still have gentle, effective cleansing products with exceptional foaming without the sulfates.

Here are some common sulfate-free formulation challenges and the Lubrizol ingredients that can help you overcome them:

And if you’re looking for ready-made solutions, options include:

  • Extra Care Shampoo – A deep conditioning, sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo that provides exceptional hair smoothness and softness, superb wet combing and detangling, excellent hair alignment without weighing hair down, and mild cleansing with luxurious lather.
  • Clear Firming Sulfate-Free Apple Body Wash – An ultra-mild, clear, sulfate-free body wash that tightens sensitive skin with the strong firming properties of apple extract.
  • Sulfate-Free Acne Cleanser – This sulfate-free salicylic acid facial wash with nourishing beads is a gentle cleanser with a proven acne-fighting ingredient that treats blemishes and helps prevent breakouts without irritating skin.

To learn more about the full line of sulfate-free solutions, contact us today!

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