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Posted by Danielle Grossman on 01/14/2019

Hair Products Take New Form

New hair care formats have gained momentum in today’s marketplace. Keeping the needs of consumers top of mind, brands have developed new, multi-purpose beauty products that deliver more—with less. From dry shampoos and hair sunscreens, to 5-in-1 cleansing conditioners, the hair care market welcomes not only new products, but product forms. From solids and sticks to powders, what was once considered experimental products has now transformed into what consumers demand.

Not washed? No problem.

Less than half of consumers shampoo their hair daily. Meaning 52% of consumers reach for their dry shampoo for that instant just-washed look and feel. Instantly absorbing oils, adding volume and extending a hairstyle, 49% of consumers feel that this one product saves time and hair product. By limiting the number of washes per week, many feel it also reduces damage done by traditional shampoo and styling tools.

Responding to a new trend in consumer demands, this go-to product has taken new forms. Evolving from the standard aerosol spray, dry shampoos are now available in various forms to best fit the needs of every hair type.

The New Conditions To Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Reverse-washing has emerged as a new trend in the hair care industry. Today, 45% of U.K. women are interested in co-wash products and 65% of U.S. women are interested in cleansing conditioners, making the method of reverse-washing an effective solution. This method of hair cleaning and conditioning is designed to provide conditioning benefits without weighing hair down. All while ensuring everyday volume and manageability.

Sustainable: The New Standard of Beauty

With nearly nine million tons of plastic found in the ocean each year, many brand shampoo collections have taken new shape. Looking to reduce plastic waste, shampoos have evolved from the standard plastic bottle into a portable, eco-friendly bar. A natural-based product that is mega-concentrated and made to last, these new shampoo formats are proven to outlast two to three bottles of shampoo, while still delivering the same hair care benefits. Making the elimination of the plastic bottle a new convenience for airplane travel, as well as a sustainable product that decreases plastic waste. As we end 2018 and begin 2019, many brands will continue to focus on the production of natural, eco-friendly products that deliver key market value and differentiation.

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