Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredients that Stimulate The Senses and Your Growth

LLS Beauty links world-renowned expertise in polymer technologies with everyday lives and consumer needs to deliver stability and performance in a diversity of superior sensory experiences.

Multifunctional Rheology Modifiers that allow a wide range of aesthetics and textures, as well as a robust stabilization at low use levels.

Emulsifiers – naturally derived O/W and W/O emulsifiers thar are easy to use and compatible with broad range of emollients

Surfactants – high quality, low color, low odor surfactants providing a wide range of versatility when formulationg

Emollients – include water/oil soluble and water/oil dispersible esters which provide good esthetics and unique sensory properties to formulations.

Humectants – provide moisture retention and humectancy to the hair

Pigment Dispersants – easy-to-handle oil soluble dispersants, allowing high pigment loading applications with more uniform spreading, intense color, and light sensory.

Conditioning Polymers – differentiated product offering based on molecular weight, charge densities, choice of preservatives, solid content to help customer overcome formulating challenges.

Fixative Polymers – with our Fixate™ styling polymers, consumers will be able to style their hair while expressing their personality.

We routinely put our applications and formulation expertise to the test, accessing the sensory contribution of our technologies through regional panels aligned with local preferences.



Skin Care

Delivering a beautiful skin experience, providing consumers with trending solutions, substantiated benefits and superior sensory enjoyment. 

Hair Care

Innovative hair conditioning and styling ingredients and formulations that are differentiated and market-ready. 

Skin Cleansing

Innovative skin cleansing solutions that are differentiated and market-ready, offering aesthetic, hygienic cleansing and improved skin benefits.