Surface Care

Girl at Sink - Dish CareThe perception of clean is paramount in surface care for home care, institutional and industrial cleaning. The achievement of “clean” requires more than your average share of elbow grease. Increasing desire for hard surface care systems with greater efficiency, efficacy and long-lasting visible results presents a variety of unique challenges to formulators.

Formulate high-performance hard surface cleaning systems with Carbopol® polymers, Novethix™ L-10 polymer, Noverite™ functional polymers, and Sulfochem™ and Chemoxide™ surfactants from Lubrizol. Ensure consistent product delivery with excellent shear-thinning rheology. Enhance cleaning efficiency with increased surface contact time. Eliminate dripping and maintain household safety with superior vertical cling and decreased mist. Extend visual cues of cleaning through delivery of shine to surfaces with stain protection.

Noverite™ 100 Polymer

Noverite™ 100 polymer is a novel, proprietary technology that in cleaning and surface care formulations provides shine and surface protection to a wide range of surfaces. This functional polymer provides superior visual impact with the added benefit of water-resistance, stain protection, and micro-scratch filling in surface care applications.

Lubrizol Technology Advantages

  • Carbopol and Novethix L-10 polymers
    • Provide the correct flow for a broad range of product forms from gels and pastes to non-aerosol pump sprays.
    • Provide shear-thinning rheology which provides excellent vertical cling increasing surface contact time and enhancing cleaning efficiency
    • Have good surfactant compatibility providing stabilization in surface cleaning systems.
    • Carbopol polymers provide suspension and stabilization of insoluble ingredients in surfactant cleaning products
  • Noverite™ K-700 polymers enhance cleaning performance and provide chelation properties to enhance cleaning efficiency of the formulations
  • Noverite™ 100 polymer provides shine and surface protection to cleaning and polish formulations
  • Sulfochem™ and Chemoxide™ surfactants provide detergency and foaming properties
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