Surface Care

Customers today are looking for hard surface cleaners that are easy to use and effective, as well as providing easier second-time cleaning. Formulating solutions with greater efficacy, longer lasting results, and unique product forms are required to satisfy customers.

NEW – Carbopol® Aqua CC polymer is registered with the EPA Inert Ingredients List as a nonfood use inert ingredient.  This inert registration provides a new option for formulators to add rheology properties to some registered cleaning products.  Carbopol Aqua CC polymer has excellent efficiency with lactic acid enabling new product designs, including non-aerosol sprays with strong vertical cling properties.

NEW – Noverite™ 301, 310, and 311 polymers for bathroom and windows cleaners. These high performance polymers are surface-substantive additives that create a hydrophilic surface that inhibits hard water spots and provides anti-fogging benefits. Secondary benefits include making soap scum easier to remove on second-time cleaning.

NEW – Noverite™ 100 polymer is a novel, proprietary hybrid polymer technology that in cleaning and surface care formulations provides shine and surface protection to a wide range of surfaces. This functional polymer provides superior visual impact with the added benefit of water-resistance, stain protection, and micro-scratch filling in surface care applications.

Carbopol® polymers, Novethix™ L-10 polymer, Novethix™ HC200 polymer and Pemulen™ 1621 and Pemulen™ 1622 polymers are perfect solutions for adding a broad range of flow properties to cleaning solutions from gels and pastes to non-aerosol pump sprays. Ensure consistent product delivery with excellent shear-thinning rheology. Enhance cleaning efficiency with increased surface contact time. Eliminate dripping and have target specific application with superior vertical cling and decreased mist.

Noverite™ K-700 polymers enhance cleaning performance and provide chelation properties to enhance cleaning efficiency of the formulations.

Sulfochem™ surfactants and Chemoxide™ surfactants provide detergency and foaming properties.

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