Other Home Care Applications

Other Home Care ApplicationsLubrizol products and technologies are essential ingredients in a large variety of home care applications. Use our Formulation Finder to find formulations/products for your applications.

Air Care

Lubrizol provides rheology modifier choices that can be used to formulate a wide range of air freshener formulations, including Novemer™ EC-1 polymer and Pemulen™ polymers.

Rheology agents provide functionality in air freshener systems to control perfume release. These polymers modify the product flow improving the efficiency and functionality. These rheology modifiers can emulsify the fragrance with low or no surfactant. Reduction of the humectant and emulsifier levels is also possible providing systems which have less residue once the fragrance is fully released.

Auto Care

Lubrizol provides rheology modifiers and functional polymers that can be used to formulate car washes, protectants, polishes and degreasing products. 

Carbopol® polymers, Pemulen polymers and Novemer polymers provide suspension and stabilization of gels, pastes, washes and emulsions. The rheology modifiers can suspend insoluble ingredients and will provide good vertical cling in the different product forms.

Noverite™ functional polymers are used to reduce water spotting in wash systems allowing for low rinse systems with fewer residues left on drying.


Carbopol polymers provide suspension and stabilization of insoluble ingredients in aqueous and select non-aqueous systems. Novethix™ L-10 and Carbopol® polymers are used to create a wide variety of product formulations such as pump sprays, gels and pastes.