Novemer™ EC-1 polymer

Novemer™ EC-1 Polymer is an acrylate, acrylamide copolymer. The polymer is preneutralized, lightly crosslinked and highly branched. It is designed to thicken, suspend, stabilize, and emulsify a broad range of oils making it an ideal candidate for use in car care formulations, polishes, waterless hand cleaners and sanitizers, and air freshener systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy handling and processing
  • Effective emulsification of a broad range of oils, including many silicone fluids
  • Homogenization and HLB calculations not required
  • Provides controlled fragrance release
  • Simple emulsification and improved stability at low use levels
  • Suspension of insoluble ingredients such as abrasives
  • Yields smooth, conditioned surface feel on soft surfaces such as leather


  • Surface Care: Polishes


  • Suspension