ESTANE TPU for Film Processors

ESTANE® TPU Solutions for PPF Film Processors

A Recipe for Repeatability  

Producing TPU film that meets the needs for paint protection film (PPF) can be a challenge even for experienced processors. The key to success is the quality and consistency of the TPU ingredient used to produce the film, but those characteristics can be difficult to determine. When you choose ESTANE® TPU, you eliminate that guesswork with a proven solution backed by more than 30 years of experience in the PPF application, and comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing capabilities.

ESTANE® TPU offers exceptional consistency, delivering value to your quality control standards. When you use ESTANE® TPU, you can be sure the film you produce will yield the quality and consistency your customers know and trust.

Backed by Dedicated PPF Applications Expertise

We invented TPU more than 60 years ago and can help guide the extrusion process using statistical tools and flow modeling that refine and enrich the film extrusion process. Our development and pilot capabilities ensure rapid prototyping and compressed development cycles, accelerating the path to commercialization. It’s a recipe for quality, reliability, and innovation you can trust.

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Made with Estane TPU

The "Made with ESTANE® TPU" Assurance

To assure you receive consistent, reliable performance and ultimately peace of mind, we have created an ecosystem with our strategic customers around the globe to help you easily recognize PPF products with 100% genuine ESTANE® TPU contained. Watch for the “Made With ESTANE TPU” logo and buy with confidence. Learn more.

What makes ESTANE® TPU the premium choice?

Protective film engineered with ESTANE® TPU appears clear and nearly invisible on surfaces to provide a premium look.

PPF Optical Clarity

ESTANE® TPU’s industry leading toughness makes protective film impact resistant to protect surfaces from damage.

ESTANE® TPU enables protective film to exhibit self-healing characteristics to maintain beauty.

ESTANE® TPU is extremely compatible with adhesives and topcoats.

Compound Optical Microscope


topcoat ~3-5 um/substrate ~135 um/adhesive ~25 um

ESTANE® TPU is the highest, most consistently performing TPU after 9 years of equivalent weathering exposure.*

Loss of Tear Strength
Loss of Tear Strength
(ASTM D470)
Change in Haze Chart
Change in Haze
(ASTM D1003)
Change in Yellowness Index Chart
Change in Yellowness Index
(ASTM D1925)

*UV exposure through Eye Super UV