Car with TPU Paint Protection Film


Decades long, premium TPU for surface protection film

Lubrizol works with the leading companies in the surface protection film industry globally to help them make premium quality and high-performance products with ESTANE® TPU.

Prove Authenticity by applying the "Made With ESTANE TPU" trademark.

Differentiate Value Proposition by leveraging Lubrizol's TPU chemical and application experience.

Elevate Expertise by accessing Lubrizol's global market insights.

Made with Estane TPU

Customers who exclusively source ESTANE TPU in their TPU film products or whose surface protection films contain genuine ESTANE TPU can be identified with the “Made With ESTANE TPU” trademark to help their products be recognized as top quality.

These TPU films and surface protection films must be tested and approved by Lubrizol to verify that they contain ESTANE TPU before requesting a trademark license agreement.

The “Made With ESTANE TPU” brand must be licensed directly from The Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.

Success Stories

Contact us to learn more about the success cases and how we empower these two customers with the “Made with ESTANE® TPU” brand:

  • Kaiyang

    SMM 301 TPU Film

  • NAR

    Paint Protection Film (L13, L15, T15, R15, R17, R20)

The “Made with ESTANE® TPU” brand may be made available to manufacturers of high-quality paint protection film products that use genuine ESTANE® thermoplastic polyurethane materials sourced from Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. The information contained herein is believed to be reliable, but no representations, guarantee or warranties of any kind are made as to its accuracy, suitability for particular applications, how the ESTANE® TPU product(s) will perform in combination with other substances contained in paint protection films or in any user’s process or the results obtained. Because of the variations in methods, conditions and equipment used commercially in processing these materials, no warranties or guarantees are made as to the suitability of the products for the applications disclosed. Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.’s shall not be liable for and the customer assumes all risk and liability of any use or handling of any material beyond Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.’s direct control.