PPF Beneath the Surface Guide

Beneath the Surface: A How-To Guide for Innovation in PPF Manufacturing

Most paint protection film (PPF) manufacturers are barely scratching the surface of their products’ potential, limited not by imagination, but by the materials commonly available to them.

As in our full eBook, the right TPU supplier can open up the possibilities beneath the surface in paint protection film, leveraging integrated, streamlined innovation processes - from formulation to testing all the way through production. A partner who understands materials science in paint protection film can help PPF manufacturers develop new products and applications, expand existing markets, and better appeal to new customers.

This eBook examines:

  • The untapped potential in TPU chemistries
  • How materials science expertise can drive innovation in PPF
  • Going beyond PPF performance benchmarks
  • The role of supply chain reliability in downstream customer satisfaction
  • Accelerating innovation and product development

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