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Advancing Materials. Elevating Performance.

Lubrizol Engineered Polymers’ innovative solutions are selected for the outstanding physical and aesthetic properties they provide in many industrial, sports, recreational and consumer goods applications. Our polymers bridge the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics, with a wide variety of physical and functional property combinations. As the inventor of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), our ESTANE® polymers set the mark for performance and quality.

Through decades of innovation and strong dedication to the markets we serve, we have developed one of the deepest, most specialized portfolios available. We help customers solve some of the industry’s toughest challenges, making products safer and stronger for better end-use performance, often while simultaneously improving aesthetics and sustainability outcomes.

Advancing materials, elevating performance – it’s both our mission and our passion.

Your Collaborative Development Partner

At Lubrizol, as materials science experts, we work collaboratively with customers to build market insights and redefine problems and how they are solved – from the molecular level right through formulation, applications development and performance testing. Our chemistry is simple, yet versatile, giving us powerful capacity for innovation. Through formulation and processing, we can precisely engineer the technology to the needs of the application and end-use.


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Lubrizol offers one of the broadest product portfolios of engineered polymers available today.


A extensive range of high performance solutions and chemistries precisely engineered to the applications they serve, from consumer to industrial specialties.


Renewable-sourced product under the Bio-TPU™ by Lubrizol, it bridges the gap between thermoplastics and rubbers and can be used pure, as an additive or in blends with other polymers or rubbers.

Estaloc™ RETPU

Reinforced high flex modulus materials engineered for extra strength and stiffness and dimensional stability.

Isoplast® ETP

Rigid materials engineered for high tensile strength and impact resistance.

Pearlbond™ TPU

Solvent-free engineered polymers for high performance hot melt and reactive PUR hot melt adhesive applications.

Pearlbond™ ECO TPU

Part of Lubrizol’s bio-based TPU with renewable material content and very high thermoplasticity.

Pearlcoat™ TPU

Specialty elastomers engineered for use in melt coating processes.

Pearlstick™ TPU

High-performing polymer solutions with a wide crystallization range for solvent-based adhesive formulations.

Pearlthane™ TPU

Engineered to meet the needs of high-demanding technical and industrial applications.

Stat-Rite® Inherently Static Dissipative Sheet and Compounds

Ultra-clean, proprietary polymer alloys with inherently static dissipative properties.

Carbo-Rite™ Carbon Alloy Systems

Conductive compounds engineered to provide consistent, permanent electrostatic dissipative (ESD) effects.

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