BounCell-X™ TPU Foam Technology

High Performance TPU Foam Technology

Recognizing a critical need for a high quality midsole material that benefits both users and manufacturers, we formulated a unique material made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) chemistry and a unique physical foam injection molding technology with nitrogen gas to form BounCell-X™.

BounCell-X™ is a low density, plasticizer-free and recyclable* thermoplastic foam technology that outperforms alternatives in cushioning, compression, and durability.

Outstanding Properties of TPU Foam Technology for Shoe Cushioning:

  • Lightweight
  • Long-term cushioning
  • Thin solid skin for durable TPU performance
  • Broad property range: hardness and energy absorption/return
  • High efficiency injection molding process with over-molding feasibility
  • Use of industrial regrind/post-consumer recycling* possibility due to no crosslinking or chemical blowing agents in foaming process 

BounCell-X™ Offers Sustainable Manufacturing

In addition to numerous physical property benefits, BounCell-X™ increases automation thereby reducing dependency on manual labor, improving quality, and reducing material scrap. BounCell-X™ also does not require any pre-treatment application of chemicals, which enhances environmental friendliness, safety and greatly reduces overall production time and complexity.


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