High Moisture Vapor Transmission

Inherently water resistant

Lubrizol’s engineered polymer portfolio has a wide-range of HMVT thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grades to meet the demanding requirements of the apparel and industrial markets. Our technology is unique because in film or coated form, the material becomes a monolithic barrier that keeps water out but still allows moisture vapor to move freely through activated diffusion. You can also dial in the breathability you need: from moderately breathable, 350 g/m2/24hrs* MVT, to a highly breathable 760 g/m2/24hrs* HMVT.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Inherently water resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Offer strong durability to withstand washing cycles
  • Deliver low-temperature flexibility
  • Puncture resistant
  • Fungus resistant
  • No stiffness
  • Breathable to your specifications


  • Industrial - HMVT polymers combine the traditional strength of TPU with the added value of a breathable barrier. In Building, construction and industrial applications the issues associated with a need for better Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) but maintaining a water/liquid barrier is becoming more prevalent. MVT resins can provide the right mix of controlled MVT and barrier along with good weathering properties and fungus resistance.
  • Apparel - HMVT films provide high breathability with a solid barrier to water and wind. In apparel applications the need for performance must be balanced with comfort for the wearer. HMVT technology combines a tough breathable barrier with a quiet and soft hand, stretch for comfort of movement and good low temperature flexibility for those extreme conditions outerwear can see.

Lubrizol Product Solutions

*ASTM Method E96B-50%RH,23°
**ASTM Methods 1671-97 and F1670

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