SilSense™ Copolyol-1 silicone

Cleansing Hair-Care Skin-Care

Silicone blend with great solubility and compatibility for a range of personal care products

SilSense™ Copolyol-1 silicone is a 100% active, dimethicone copolyol blend. It is a proprietary blend of personal care grade polyethylene glycols and dimethicone copolyol (a copolymer of a polydi-methylsiloxane and polyoxyalkylene ether). It is recommended for use in skin care lotions and creams, personal wash products, hair care applications, and aloe vera gel formulations.

Function: <a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Conditioner'>Conditioner</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Emulsifier'>Emulsifier</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Foam Enhancer'>Foam Enhancer</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Humectant'>Humectant</a>

Ingredient Name: <div class="ExternalClass6DDD0C66ACE84990900B82346DCB2CBA">PEG-33 (and) PEG-8 Dimethicone (and) PEG-14</div>

Recommended Use level: ​Recommended use level is 0.25 to 5.0 wt% as supplied

  • Applicable for use in fragrance-free formulations
  • Imparts improved skin feel, wet and dry combability, and conditioning of hair
  • May reduce irritancy in anionic surfactant systems
  • Plasticizes resins in hair spray and gel products without diminishing hold
  • Reduces agglomeration of powders
  • Useful as an emulsifier, co-emulsifier, wetting and spreading agent