Chromabright™ molecule


A cutting-edge molecule for a radiant skin tone

This active ingredient is an advanced concealer which visibly and safely brightens and unifies the skin while fighting against photoaging. In vitro, it regulates the process of skin pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase, a key enzyme that catalyzes the first two reactions of melanin synthesis, which is responsible for skin color. Its depigmentation activity is as effective as Hydroquinone and so more than Arbutin, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) and Kojic Acid. It is a very safe and stable active ingredient in formulations. Naturality according to ISO 16128 - 0.57% natural origin index.

Function: <a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Active&functions=Brightening'>Brightening</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Active&functions=Hand Care'>Hand Care</a>

INCI Name: Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate

Recommended Use level: 0.1-0.5%

  • It visibly brightens and unifies the skin in 2 months by attenuating pigmentation spots. It makes the skin lighter, brighter and radiant.